Lights, content model, action! Content models to solve big content challenges

1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Content modeling has come of age within many organizations. It's no longer a question of "what's a content model?" but "how can I best use the content model I already have?"

Kate and Cleve will explore different applications for content models: multi-platform publishing (think Facebook instant articles), migrations, personalization, translation, and even targeted advertising.

If you've got a model, even a simple one, come and learn how to put it to good use.

In this workshop, you’ll get:

  • A refresh on how to build a better content model, incorporating domain modeling
  • A plan for using a content model for multi-platform publishing and for personalization
  • Use cases for using content models for better platform migrations, translations, and targeted advertising that users don't hate

Who should attend: Anyone who has done content modeling 101, and now wants to use their new-found tools to make better content at scale. Attendees should have an awareness of what content modeling is, and how to build out a basic model.

About Kate Kenyon

Kate has worked in digital content strategy and management for over 15 years. She helps companies plan and develop their digital content in a way that supports their business aims, and makes their customers happy.

She has a detailed practical knowledge of the content lifecycle: audit, creation, delivery, testing, optimization, and archiving.

She is practiced in delivering multi-site, multi-platform, and multi-language content, and has a love-hate relationship with most CMSs.

About Cleve Gibbon

Cleve has analyzed, developed, documented, deployed, and supported the end-to-end delivery of global technology platforms for over 20 years. His experience and expertise straddle multiple technology platforms and products, for widely distributed audiences engaging with content across multi-channels and devices. He is a content strategy advocate, and loves the challenges of producing content at scale.

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