Make it work: Surviving (and succeeding) as a solo content strategy practitioner


Being a freelance or independent content strategist isn’t as scary as it sounds. Learn how to position your expertise, capture clients who don’t know what they need, sell content strategy (without feeling like you’re selling), and make enough money to support your fancy cheese addiction.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to know when it’s time to take the leap (and if you should)
  • “Wish I’d known this when …” advice for getting started
  • How to tell good clients from bad ones—and why being picky is smart
  • How to price your services to reflect your value
  • Tips for working with other independent service providers
  • And a few fun horror stories we can all laugh about nervously together

Who should attend: Anyone with a little glimmer of interest in going freelance or striking out to do their own thing.

Prerequisites: Attendees should be familiar with content strategy and its key components: stakeholder/user interviews, brand voice and tone, messaging architectures, core strategy statements, content inventories and audits, etc. You don't need to be super experienced with these—just familiar. No need for any special equipment or software.

About Cameron Siewert

Cameron Siewert is the founder of Contenterie, a content strategy shop in Austin, Texas. She's been practicing content strategy by many different names, in just about every professional setting you can imagine, since 2004. She writes essays and fiction in her second life at

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