Solo content strategy: Lessons for lone rangers and tiny teams

Grand 4
Tue, Nov 07
1:40 p.m.-2:30 p.m.

While content is far from a one person job, are you the “lone (content) ranger” at your company or institution? Some of us wear many hats—writer, editor, strategist, project manager, designer and web publisher—often creating and implementing content strategy simultaneously.

Even if you’re working alone much of the time, it’s still valuable to create a content production process for yourself or your small team. You can take steps to reduce content chaos and confusion, get the right tools in place, and deliver great content.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Basics about a content process and how it can be used to turn your content vision into reality
  • How to use this model to map out your content workflow and production guidelines
  • Ways to get all your stakeholders to adhere the process

About Malaika Carpenter

Malaika Carpenter is a storyteller at heart, communicator by nature, and a writer and content strategist by profession. Her name pretty much says it all—Malaika literally means angel in Swahili. For nearly a decade, she has worked, primarily in healthcare, to help companies build and share their brand story and authentically connect with their customers.

Drawing from her sales and corporate communications experience working at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Malaika leads the content strategy and user communications for, a health and lifestyle tracking web platform that facilitates greater customer engagement between health insurance carriers and their policyholders. Using a generous dose of strategic thinking, good storytelling, and creative copywriting, she ensures end users understand, trust, support and interact with the company’s products and brand.

Malaika has a master’s degree in Communication and a certificate in UX Design from Rutgers University.

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