Structured content across the redesign process

Capital 1
Mon, Nov 06
1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

We know that content is at its most useful when it’s clear, consistent, orderly, organized—in other words, when it’s well-structured. But well-structured content doesn’t come from inserting “the structure” at some magical point in the process; it comes from applying a structural lens to all of our content activities, from beginning to end.

In this workshop, we’ll look at how structural considerations—that is, how content is built, organized, and connected across the experience—come into play at every step of the redesign process. Using group discussions, hands-on activities, and examples from various higher ed organizations, we’ll look at how to:

  • Ask the right content questions when approaching a website redesign.
  • Realize the strategy through the structure of the site.
  • Build meaningful relationships between content elements.

About Lisa Maria Martin

Lisa Maria Martin is an independent content strategist and information architect with a background in design, writing, and academia. She has worked with web teams at many higher ed institutions, including Harvard, Princeton, Seton Hill, WPI, GW, and Carnegie Mellon. Based in Cambridge, MA, she is also an editor at A Book Apart, a former editor of A List Apart, and a workshop facilitator at

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