Content performance: Using data to avoid the unicorn trap

Room B
2:50 p.m.-3:40 p.m.

Content unicorns: Not everyone calls them that, but the concept is familiar. A unicorn is that super-successful piece of content that you wish you could replicate at will. A tweet that made a national splash. An article that performed 50 times better than the average post. It can be tempting to chase these unicorns—trying endlessly to recapture their magic. But, they are often impossible to repeat.

Find out how the digital content team at Allstate tackled this issue on The Allstate Blog. Learn how they replaced unicorn hunting with a solid content strategy that consistently delivers—and how you can, too.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Why chasing content "unicorns"—occasional, extremely popular content that spikes—doesn't constitute a content strategy.
  • Why your data is a great place to start coming up with a content strategy.
  • How to look at the types of things that CONSISTENTLY perform well for your site, and see what you can glean.
  • That content strategy isn't etched in stone—it needs to evolve. Understand how to periodically look at the numbers and see if there is anything you need to adjust.

Who should attend: People who are interested in seeing how a Fortune 100 company navigates content strategy pitfalls and uses data to make its content marketing program succeed.

About Melissa Hodai

Melissa Hodai leads digital content marketing efforts for Allstate Insurance Company. She is responsible for providing informative and engaging content for The Allstate Blog,, and social media.

Before joining Allstate, Melissa spent nearly eight years as a journalist, creating web content for the local NBC and ABC TV stations in Miami, and serving as an associate producer for in Chicago.

In her content marketing work at Allstate, Melissa champions the creation of content that’s interesting and useful, in and of itself, while supporting company marketing objectives—and doing so in a way that’s strategic, measurable, and engaging.

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