Content strategy for mobile apps

Room D
2:50 p.m.-3:40 p.m.

We all love clever app interfaces—but what about the complex content ecosystem in which every mobile app lives? In this talk, you’ll learn about the multiple areas of an iOS or Android app that require a content strategist’s touch, from push notifications to app store listings.

When you understand the content strategy connections between app touchpoints, you’ll have the power to help shape a stellar user experience that will make any app shine.

You’ll find this session helpful if you have these questions:

  • What does the app content ecosystem look like?
  • Where are the important connections between the different parts of app content?
  • How can I create user-centered app content?
  • How can content keep users engaged with my app beyond the first few weeks?
  • How can I optimize my app store listing to maximize discoverability and downloads?

Who should attend: Anyone who wants to understand the important role content strategy plays in app development, and how their current content strategy skills can contribute to the process.

About Melanie Seibert

While she's currently the Senior Content Strategist at WillowTree, Melanie Seibert taught content strategy at General Assembly and helped create websites for Razorfish, Rackspace, and cPanel. She opines about content strategy on her blog Prose Kiln.

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