The content strategist's guide to mobile apps

2:50 p.m.-3:40 p.m.

80% of us own a smartphone. And when we’re on our phones—which we are, constantly—85% of the time, we’re using apps. But we’re picky: most of us only use 5 apps regularly.

How do you make a great app—one that makes it into your users’ top 5? It starts with content. A web content strategist who successfully made the switch to mobile will show you the ropes: how to make your app findable in stores, how to engage your users with push notifications that don’t annoy, and even how “traditional” web SEO impacts your app (it does!).

You’ll find this session helpful if you have these questions:

How is app content different from website content?
How can I make my app findable, both in stores and on the web?
How can I make my app usable?
How can content strategy help me keep users engaged with my app?
What do I need to know to successfully include apps in my overall content strategy?

Who should attend: Writers and content strategists who want to learn about content strategy for native (Android and iOS) mobile apps. It will be helpful if you already have general knowledge of these web terms: SEO, apps, iOS, Android.

About Melanie Seibert

Melanie Seibert works as Senior Content Strategist at WillowTree in Charlottesville, Virginia. She has taught content strategy at General Assembly, and helped create websites at Razorfish, Rackspace, cPanel, and other interesting companies. You can find her on Twitter at @melanie_seibert.

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