Content design: What it is and how to do it

Room B
11:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m.

You've defined your website content strategy—and your stakeholders are on board and excited. Now it’s time for content design.

The term content design can be elusive—it means different things to different people. And it can be hard to know where to start. In this session Meghan Casey will define content design for websites and walk you through a framework and example tools from her book The Content Strategist’s Toolkit: Methods, Guidelines, and Templates for Getting Content Right to help you do it.

After this session, you’ll go back to work confident and ready to:

  • Prioritize the content your audiences need.
  • Organize that content so people (and machines) can find it.
  • Present content in ways that are useful and meaningful to your users.
  • Specify content requirements so content producers can be awesome at their jobs.

Who should attend: Hands-on content strategists who are looking to strengthen their understanding of content design and their tools for getting it done.

About Meghan Casey

Meghan Casey was one of the first content strategists at Brain Traffic, the world’s leading agency devoted exclusively to content. She helps a wide variety of clients—startups, nonprofits, colleges and universities, Fortune 50 companies, and everything in between—solve the messy content problems most organizations encounter every day. She has also helped The Nerdery, a software development shop in Minneapolis, build content strategy into their user experience practice.

A regular trainer and speaker on content strategy topics, she once inspired participants to spontaneously do the wave in a workshop setting. Yep, that really happened. Her book The Content Strategy Toolkit: Methods, Guidelines, and Templates for Getting Content Right was published by Peachpit in 2015.

Meghan has been working with content and communications since 1996 after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in writing from Concordia College. She also holds a Master of Arts in nonprofit management from Hamline University.

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