Content strategy at startups and smaller businesses

Room L
2:50 p.m.-3:40 p.m.

Starting up a content strategy anywhere is tough—and it only gets tougher when a) you’re the only content strategist, b) your company publishes tons of content across all mediums, and c) nobody seems to agree on exactly what it is you should be doing.

This talk will share the trials and tribulations of founding a content strategy within a startup, and tips for how to get it done right (or as close as humanly possible).

Swing by this session if you want tips on how to:

  • Go it alone as a content strategist at a small company with a big publishing schedule.
  • Ensure content quality without writing every word yourself.
  • Get your whole team on board with a content-driven design process.
  • Turn engineers, support staff, designers, and marketers into better writers, and stronger advocates for content strategy.

Who should attend: This session is for anyone trying to implement content strategy at a small company with limited resources. It'll probably be of particular use to strategists who've worked in contributor roles who are looking to step back and take on more of a leadership role.

About John Moore Williams

John Moore Williams heads up all things content at Webflow, the code-free web design platform. After a decade writing and strategizing at places like InVision, Esurance, and LinkedIn, he's still fighting to make content on the web better and more human (despite all odds). He considers it a very good fight indeed. He enjoys tweeting at brands that screw up content @johnamwill.

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