Large-scale content projects: Advice, tools, and practical strategies

Room B
11:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m.

What happens when you’re dropped into a project in medias res—when there’s lots of existing content and complicated organizational constraints? For strategists and designers, reimagining large, complex websites can be equal parts rewarding and daunting.

Using the Federal Election Commission content migration as a guide, this talk is all about making sense of giant content projects. It provides frank advice and tools to steal to help you build support, track progress, and finagle approvals.

Attend this talk if you want to learn about:

  • Organizing an effective content team
  • Inciting innovation in change-resistant organizations
  • Navigating complicated constraints
  • Common project misunderstandings and how to avoid them

Who should attend: Content designers, strategists, user experience designers who work with complicated organizations or projects.

About Emileigh Barnes

Emileigh Barnes is a content lead at 18F. An advocate of plain language and the Oxford comma, she led the content strategy for and is currently guiding the Federal Election Commission through a 40,000-page content migration. She’s been published on, GOV.UK, and in literary and academic journals. She’s the author of two poetry chapbooks. If she’s not at work, Emileigh’s probably scrolling through Instagram (@emileighoutlaw), watching West Wing reruns, or hanging out at the dog park with her boxer, Huck Finn. She lives in Minneapolis.

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