Writing thoughtful product content at scale

Room L
11:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m.

As writers and content strategists, we know it’s impossible to write and review every single word that goes into a user interface. But even small instances of content, like error messages and button text, deeply affect how our customers feel when using our products.

So what’s the best way to help customers accomplish their tasks? Teach everyone how to write their own good content, of course.

Through examples of how this works at Shopify, you’ll learn how to help designers and developers think like content strategists. The key to improving your product’s content lies buried deep beneath lorem ipsum.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Hold weekly “fresh eyes” sessions with your UX team.
  • Teach people to write good error messages.
  • Run product content onboarding sessions for new hires.
  • Maintain living resources, like a content style guide.

Who should attend: People who’d like to teach others at their organization how to write better content, or people interested in understanding how in-house UX teams work together.

About Biz Sanford

Biz Sanford is a content strategist on the UX team at Shopify in Ottawa, Canada.

With a passion for usable technology, plain language, and content strategy, she sets editorial standards for Shopify product content, manages Shopify’s voice and tone, and teaches the entire organization how to write their own great content.

Biz spends her days doing content strategy work alongside designers, developers, product managers, and researchers. Together, they create products and tools that help over 400,000 Shopify entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Before joining Shopify, Biz worked for several Canadian government departments, where she helped build a user-centered culture across the government and developed the usability strategy for Canada.ca.

If she’s not working, she’s probably drinking wine, reading Harry Potter, or off adventuring. Most recently, she traveled Australia after speaking at CS Forum 2016 in Melbourne.

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