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Confab is where content strategy best practices are born.

Long before “content” was a buzzword, Confab participants were digging deep into all things content strategy. Speakers always tackle what’s new and what works. Attendees ask smart questions and share their own experiences. All year long, Confab sparks ongoing conversations that push our industry forward.

High-quality events

Each event is unique, shaped by the speakers, location, attendees, and format. Our Central and Higher Ed conferences offer optional workshops in addition to a main conference program of keynotes and breakout sessions.

Diverse topics

Confab Events are designed not just for content strategists, but for anyone who cares about making content better—including practitioners from UX design, editorial, marketing, product design, information architecture, and technical communications—to talk about how we can create, structure, deliver, and govern great content, together.

Substantive programming

Speakers tell you how to do things, not just what to think. While everyone appreciates a good idea, we all want to do something with our conference takeaways. Confab talks and workshops are focused on tools and tactics you can use in real life (not just an ideal world).

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Share your voice.

Whether you’re a well-known expert, a long-time practitioner, or a new voice for content, we want to hear from you! Confab presenters bring a range of experiences to the stage, sharing obstacles, lessons learned, and case studies that showcase content strategy in a variety of settings.

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