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The Facebook Content Strategy Fellowship is back!

TELL THE WORLD: Now in its fourth big year, the Facebook Content Strategy Fellowship is back for 2016!


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Confab Higher Ed is a wrap: Top marks all around!

Is it time to leave already? Confab Higher Ed comes to a close.


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The procrastinator’s guide to submitting a Confab talk

Time is of the essence. Proposals are due October 23. Let's do this! 

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Why content strategy

You probably have your own favorite way of introducing content strategy. But if you were to consider it for a moment, does it include the reason why you practice content strategy? Why do we become content strategists in the first place? Why are we drawn to this work? 

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Shifting to a project manager mindset

If your regular role is that of a doer—like a writer, coder, or designer—you might be surprised to find yourself leading and managing a project. It can be tricky to manage the work of others rather than doing it all yourself.


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Set down your cape: How content strategists win trust in the C-suite

For years I arrogantly believed my superpower was being able to discern a client’s needs better than he or she ever could, and that’s why I deserved the strategy and content work I received. I thought I was there to rescue them.


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Write Tight(er): Get to the point and save millions

In and of itself, cutting unhelpful words (or sentences, or paragraphs, or whole chapters or blog posts) doesn’t make writing good. But it always makes writing better.


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A content strategist’s Thanksgiving toolkit

There is ample room to improve the Thanksgiving experience–both for us and for our guests. As content strategists positioned in the middle of many analytical disciplines, we might find ourselves uniquely qualified to offer insights and perspectives.


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We shall overcome: How to defeat the doubters

A free and non-promotional content source shouldn't exist in the corporate world, right? Why on earth would a commercial enterprise do something that doesn't impact the bottom line?


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Measuring social content for community influence

When you work at a nonprofit, developing a solid content strategy can lead to many opportunities—especially in the social realm. By connecting with subject matter experts within your community, you can stay on top of up-and-coming ideas and spot the trends that are most relevant to your mission.


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